My double-end bag setup

In order to get as much practice as I can, I wanted to install 3 types of bag at my home.  A double-end bag, a speedbag and a heavy bag.  This is my double-end bag in my garage.

  • 8mm bungee cord used for top and bottom
  • Approximately 50cm from the ceiling down to the first loop strap of the double end bag.
  • Approximately 120cm from the floor up to the bottom loop strap of the double end bag.
  • Floor mount is an eyebolt drilled into a concrete floor. (14.5mm diameter hole) with an 8mm swivel attached to a P-link.
  • At the top there is a 14mm hook screwed into the underside of a wooden ceiling joist beam.
  • The bungee cord is secured to the double end bag straps using a P-link for the bottom and a carabiner for the top.
  • When I stand next to the bag, the top of the ball is under my chin and the ball sits around chest height.
  • All the hardware was bought from my local B&Q (hardware store chain in the UK) with the exception of the swivel which had to be ordered online.

The problem with my garage (like all garages) is that the ceiling is low so the bottom bungee cord is much longer than the bungee cord at the top.  This has the effect of limiting the recoil of the double end bag when it is hit.  I get about half a meter of forward-and-back movement and it is quick to recoil due to me putting tension on both ropes.  The one at my boxing club, Lusby’s Boxing Gym, has an even rope top and bottom, that moves significantly more and is much more pendulous in motion.

An article by Johnny from explains it best but with this type of setup, i.e. higher tension and shorter recoil, the bag is better for practicing rhythm and combinations – that doesn’t mean that you can’t bob and weave and slip – you just won’t get as much recoil coming back at you.

At first, I was experimenting between using just a non-elastic rope at top and a flat bungee cord at the bottom and also a different set of cords for top and bottom but the movement was a little strange and not uniform.  I find by using the same type of cord for top and bottom, the motion is much more smoother.

Also I did have a swivel at the top as well as the bottom but the swivel at the top was extremely noisy and didn’t really do very much.  Now I just have the bungee cord tied in a series of knots direct to that ceiling hook.  I still have the swivel at the bottom to take away some of the tension on the eyebolt when it’s hit.

I do wish my garage ceiling was higher so I could have an evenly mounted double end bag but I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the setup.

When I drive that ride-on lawn mower out of the way, I can pivot aroun d the ball 270 degrees which is good enough for me to practice my footwork in and around the speedbag.

I’ve watched YouTube clips of pro-boxers like Manny Pacqiao and Amir Khan on double-end bags that move even less than mine.  They are set up with very high tension so I am guessing they are practicing the same thing as me – combinations and rhythm of punches.

I’d love a setup that also allows the double end bag a greater recoil as well but I’m limited by the dimensions of my garage.

Check out the TouTube clip below of Manny Pacquiao working a high tension double end bag.


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  1. There is a sweet (epic sweet, not adorable sweet) video of a kid with a rope cross set up in his living room to work on his shadowboxing with bob and weaves, slips and pivots.
    I appreciate how much can be done with relatively nontechnical bits and bobs

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