My boxing wish list

I’m rocking some pretty simple boxing gear for the time being.  No point in getting the good stuff until I really improve but take a look at this nice list of stuff below.

Face guard

The only thing truly decent I currently own is my Winning FG2900 head guard shown below. That’s one of the best out there and it has to be.  One day, it’s going to have to protect my face while I spar.

Winning FG2900250 GBP

If I make it to an amateur fight I’ll need one of these AIBA approved head guards:

Adidas AIBA contest head guard80 GBP


Boxing boots

Next up is some footwear and I really like these puppies:

Nike Hyper KO150 GBP

A pair of Nike Hyper KOs.

Amir Khan wears some really smart Reebok ones, as does Mayweather but they’re custom made.  I was on Amir Khan’s website and his store is opening up soon but the last pair I saw on ebay had only 300 pairs released on general retail and they rocked in on the ebay site at a whopping 300 GBP.  Yikes!


It’d be nice to have a separate pair for sparring and an alternate pair for pad and bag work. Generally sparring gloves are softer than bag gloves.  Behold these babies:

16oz Cleto Reyes Lace Sparring Glove 189 GBP

These are yellow 16 0z Cleto Reyes lace up sparring gloves.  If you ever get clocked in the mouth by these beauties you’re going to taste nothing but goat.  Mmmm goat… 😉

For the bag work you’re not going to get much better than Japan’s finest, a pair of Winning lace ups:

16oz Winning Training gloves 250 GBP

And lastly for competitive boxing you’re going to need some AIBA approved contest gloves:

AIBA Contest Gloves80 GBP

Well that’s it.  Not cheap.  The thing is, no one is going to rock up to any gym wearing this kind of stuff unless you can box well.  Hmm I’ll rephrase that!… I personally wouldn’t dream of rocking up to a gym wearing this stuff unless I could box well!