gym equipment

Back on the boat

OK so what are my living conditions like? Well that’s a picture of my cabin below.  It’s not the Four Seasons but it’s mine for now.  Got a porthole but the blinds are closed – I’m working nights so I need to shut out the light during the day so I can sleep.

It’s definitely a little on the depressing side but I’ll get used to it in a day or so.  Those walls could do with a poster or two and I do miss having a rug.  I left a poster of Muhammad Ali two years ago but I can’t for the life in me remember where I put it.  It’s probably long gone.  My check-in bag was fully loaded coming over.  No room for luxuries.


My cabin

First thing I did was wash the duvet and pillow.  60 degrees C.  You never know when the last time they may have been washed!

This is a picture of the gym – I like how Sir Alex Ferguson always uses the full name “gymnasium” rather than “gym” lol:


The Gymnasium

When I got here I found the heavy bag looking sad in a corner.  With some help it’s hanging happily now.  (see below) I also brought my other double end bag with me and did a quick mount.  It’s being held down by that blue 20kg weight which actually does a good job.  The weight sits on top of an eyebolt.  I may look into getting that bolt permanently screwed into the floor and then we can do away with the weight.  At the moment I can’t leave it like that because the weight is used by other people but it’s easy enough to bring in from the gym.

So there you have it.  I may be in Norway, in the middle of nowhere, out at sea but I’ve now got the means to practice my boxing and do some conditioning work.  Best of all I managed to do it quickly with little fuss.

Did I use it on the first day? Absolutely. 4 km run, did some interval training but then I had to stop because the cook came in and wanted to play table tennis so I just popped back next door and did a load of shadowboxing while they praticed. When they left, I finished off with 3, 3 minute rounds on the heavy bag. I like how I can move completely round the bag when it swings.

I’m as happy as I’ll ever be out here.  Now I need to settle into a rhythm and then watch the days fly by.

Installing the RM-1000 Rafter Mount


  • The plate measures 150mm high, 130mm wide, 35mm deep.
  • 2 bolt holes on the main face.  Require 8mm drill bit.
  • 2 bolt holes on the underside for carriage screws. Require 6mm drill bit for pilot hole.
  • The bolts can be tightened using a 13mm spanner.
  • The bolts on the piece that attaches to the straps of your heavy bag require a 17mm spanner.

Additional comments

I bought the brace plate as well – it is used to connect the adjacent joist to the joist holding the main plate (demonstrated below)…

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.22.34 AM

…however my joist beams are not tall enough for the angle that the brace plate sits at once attached so I couldn’t use it.  The brace plate doesn’t actually screw onto the main plate it’s only bolted to the two joist beams just so you know.

The heavy bag I use is an Everlast C3 Heavy foam bag.  It weighs maybe 30kg (66 lbs) and to be fair I think just the RM1000 plate on its own is more than enough to hold the bag safely.

Another point is the 8mm bolts that go horizontally into the plate are barely long enough to go through my joists which are around 45mm thick – especially when you add in the two washer rings.  I’d have preferred longer bolts and if you have thick joists you’ll certainly have to purchase longer bolts separately.

Another thing I forgot was that my joists are all around 35 – 40cm spaced apart which wasn’t enough clearance to get my main drill in to drill the holes!  I had to wait for my smaller hand drill to charge up and use that, so just bear that in mind when you’re installing this plate!

The crazy thing was that including the price for importing the RM1000 from the States and the tax charge of 30 GBP, the mounting plate ended up costing more than my heavy bag!  There’s a spring that helps to dampen the vibration when you hit the bag.  Our bedroom sits above the garage and the floor boards are not very thick so there is still some reverberation when you land your punches.

To be fair, I’m working out in a cellar (to call it a garage is being a bit too generous as there’s barely enough space for anything other than a Smart car!) – a little noise is to be expected.  I certainly won’t be able to work out while my wife is sleeping sadly but I’m still happy.