My journey from offshore worker to amateur boxer

This all began April of 2016…

… and after some small research from, below is a rough guide to the minimum needed to be able to fight in amateur competition and that’s where I’d like to be physically.  I need to be able to do the stuff below in one day:

  • Run 3-5 miles (5-8 km) without getting too tired
  • Jump rope for 30 minutes straight
  • Hit the heavy bag for 15 minutes non-stop
  • Be able to spar with any amateur from any gym (excluding pro-level amateurs with over 100 fights)
  • Spar double the required rounds (amateur boxing is 3 rounds)

I’m also about 5 foot 8 inches tall (175cm)… Ideally, I’d like to spar at Middleweight or lower so that means keeping my body weight below 75kg (165 lbs).

The first 3 on that list above, I can cross off already but I need to get down to serious business with my trainer, Gary Morris, if I want to tick off the last 2.  Do I have it in me?…

…It’s going to be a great journey.  

Learning to box has also inspired me to write again and I’m always on the lookout for regular sparring partners so if you’re interested and live in Glasgow around Lennoxtown/ Bearsden area then feel free to get in touch @shingywan

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