My homework…

So what have I been able to do in between my last session with Gary at Lusby’s Gym and today? …

I’ve been trying to keep my weight down at 77 kg and my stamina up.  Bear in mind I walk the dog twice a day as well for an hour each time so that’s got to count for something!

I should keep a proper diary but this is what I can remember – the days may be a little skewed…

Fri 13th: 3-4 km run (< 20 minutes), 10 minutes shadowboxing, 30 minutes double-end-bag

Sat 14th: 3-4 km run, (< 20 minutes), 10 minutes shadowboxing

Sun 15th: Nothing

Mon 16th: 60 minute game of 5-aside football

Tue 17th: Nothing (This was the day I put up the heavy bag)

Wed 18th: 24 minutes on the double-end-bag, 12-minutes on the heavy bag, 5 mins shadowboxing

It’s not bad.  I have to balance my home chores and duties as well and I don’t want to turn Emma into a “Boxing widow”.  I try and do the workouts as early in the morning as possible so they’re not in the way of the main day between 0600 and 0730.  Can’t use the heavy bag at this hour though – it’s just too noisy and you can hear it through the floorboards.  The double end bag is a lot quieter but you can probably still hear that a little.


This little enclave is where I shadowbox.  I’m pretty well hidden from my neighbour.


And if I open up those double-doors I can use these bags.